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7 Dream Vacation Tips for your Awesome Vacation!

If you are like me, New Years is the perfect time for planning that Dream vacation trip that have been on your mind for a long time. There is something about starting a New Year that makes you want to dream Big and what better way than a Dream Vacation!

Planning your Dream Vacation includes researching possible fun filled destinations to visit, Picking the perfect getaway, consulting a travel advisor or going online. Preparing a budget, checking travel gears, planning travel logistics and of course learning what visa and vaccination is required.


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Plan your Dream Vacation!

  1. Plan the type of vacation and time of year. This step is where the fun begins as the decision is made as to what type of vacation suits your needs. Is it just relaxing fun days by the beach, or an adventure to share and make your friends green with envy on your return home? This is the time to make the decision to get all the fun you really want before you invest your time and money.

Choose a Destination!

  1. Choose a destination. Once the type of activity is identified destinations can be decided on given the activities decided on. Research here is needed to narrow down the selections. Start with your number one choice and revise the list. Your final choice will be your desired resort. 

Choose a Travel Advisor!

  1. Get Feedback. Speak to someone who has been to the resort to gauge the experiences they have had. Oftentimes it is much easier to speak to a travel advisor who can provide tips and travel expertise on the resort. Also, customer reviews on the resorts website can prove handy in this situation.

Make a Budget!

  1. Budgeting. Check how much spending money is needed. If you have been saving for the vacation this is where expenses can be discussed and tallied so a total can be arrived at. A Travel advisor will help in determining costs to include accommodation, airfare and transportation. Activities planned will need to be factored in and also dining in some cases. 

Select Clothing and Gears!

  1. Clothing and gears. Depending on the resort location a checklist of appropriate clothing for the weather and gears should be prepared. For hiking or trail walking special footwear is required, so be aware of this and have the right comfortable practical footwear on hand. Prepare a detailed “Packing List” weeks in advance to ensure you have everything needed on your vacation. Have clothing and footwear that can make the transition from a day of activities to a night on the town is desired.

Get your Visa and Vaccination!

  1. Visa and Vaccination. For travel out of your country a passport, visa and vaccination may be required. Visa requirements vary from country to country so Check with your travel advisor who will inform you of requirements for travelling to the destination. Some vaccinations are highly recommended for travelling to different countries and so it is best to check before travel. The U.S. Department of travel website and the U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC) website both have the latest information. 

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Relax and Enjoy!

  1. Relax and Enjoy. This is it. You are on your dream vacation. The planning and travelling is out of the way. It is time to relax and breathe. Enjoy every moment and do not allow trivial things to spoil your fun. It is time to enjoy the lazy days by the beach, the beautiful sunset with an umbrella drink or whatever your fun is.

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Planning your ideal Dream Vacation does not have to be nerve wracking. It requires time and patience. Paying attention to the details such as finding the right resort, working out the cost involved, packing the right clothing and gears, getting the necessary paperwork and information and finally being in the state of mind to enjoy all that you have planned. 

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Be open minded for the adventures, discovery and delightful pleasure that come your way. Be active and create memorable moments to take home with you.

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