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The Caribbean in October

The Caribbean in October: Weather, Activities and More!

Welcome to the gateway of tropical getaways, where fall travel is a mix of clear skies and culture. Hopping islands in the Caribbean in October is unmatched. Places like Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire are safe from big hurricanes because of their location in the south1. The weather is perfect too, with temperatures around 29°C to…

The Caribbean in November

The Caribbean in November: Weather, Activities and More!

I’ve learned that a tropical getaway is irresistible in the fall months. The Caribbean, especially in November, pulls you in with its weather. By November 301, the hurricane season is nearly over, making it safe and inviting for tourists. Places like Aruba and the Turks & Caicos shine at this time. Known for their sunny…

The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean

The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean

Finding the perfect time to head to the Caribbean also means understanding different preferences. These can range from wanting clear skies to avoiding large crowds. Personally, I enjoy visiting between January and May1. During this time, the weather is great, with temperatures reaching about 28°C in February2. The best time to visit these beautiful islands…